He's not over his ex?

Recently, this guy and I started messaging on Facebook. We've known of each other for years, our best friends used to date a couole years back but him and I had never hung out or talked before, but we clicked super hard and talked non stop for about two weeks and have hung out and things went perfect.
A couple days ago, he started being short with me. I asked him about ut and he told me that he just got out of a relationship and is still hurting over it.
I don't understand if he knew his head was not in a place to want to start a new relationship, why would he have said the things he did, and had me falling for him. I just feel like it was so unfair to to do this to me.
I'm pretty hurt and have pulled back, I haven't talked to him in like two days.


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  • You're just a rebound and those never last

  • Relationships are not easily severed, it takes time and energy and the support of the new lover.

    • I completely get that. I was devastated after my one ex and I broke up. But, I didn't put myself in the dating scene for a while. Im not sure if he thought he was ready and tried to get the ball rolling with me, and then realized he wasn't ready or what though

  • I love how women make everything all about THEM, all the time.

    You ever think that maybe you could help him? He's hurt, and hurt is a lot harder to heal by yourself.

    If things between you went as good as you say, then it shouldn't take long for him to recover.

    • I don't know how I made it all about me.
      When he told me about his ex, he said he didn't want to stop talking to me but he keeps pushing me away so I don't know what I could even do.
      I told him I was here for him if he wanted to talk about whatever and that was the last time we talked. He never responded to me after he told me he appreciated it.

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    • It's a gamble. The question is, is the payout worth the risk, for BOTH of you?

      Good luck.

    • Thanks.
      For me, I think it very could be worth it. I couldnt tell you how long it has been that I've just clicked with someone the way I have with him. He's told me how it was back when he first saw me with our friend is when he first wanted to talk to me, and has told me that I was special to him. So, I guess I'll see.

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