How can I ask him if I'm just a hookup or something else?

All the signs would normally lead me to think that it's just a hookup. I only really see him at night but he works a lot. I've known him three years and with a couple of breaks for various reasons we've pretty much been hooking up consistsntly. Sometimes we'll go out first Sometimes we'll just meet up at his house. If we go out he treats.

A while ago I assumed it was just a hookup and I started dating and got involved with someone. He hit me up afterwards was very straightforward that I was seeing someone, and that was when I found out that he'd seen something there. He told me he would never just sleep with someone he doesn't feel that connection with. We got in a huge fight, but then somehow we got back in touch and it basically resumed anyway (both parties single). During the fight he said that anything he felt was gone, so now I'm wondering if now we're just hooking up.

How can I ask him without seeming too needy?


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  • Won't seem too needy.

    And u fuking did huge mistake
    How the fun u sleep with someone else while u don't know ur martial status?

    Also it's not fuking needy it is a must to be transparent in relationship when it comes to statements

    So both of u need to know what u mean to the other person , to find out if the other guy match what u looking for

    • Well originally we were dating so we knew each other for a while before we slept together. Then I got back together with an ex, his dad died and I got pulled back in. Originally when we were just hooking up I thought we were working things out, but it never seemed to go anywhere so I started dating. Then it started up again. I don't know how it got so grey. Would it be okay to text this to him and ask or should I meet him in person to find out?

    • Both are fine

      But : if u have feelings for him and want this to work meet in person , if u just want to know the status to end it etc.. do it over ye phone or text.

  • You don't need to ask you're just free pussy with no commitment and he wasn't mad because you hurt his feelings he was mad because you seeing this other guy was threatening to cut off his pussy supply


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