Did I rush things by making out on the first date? Did I drop the ball with this one?

So I met this girl in my school almost a month ago and we got really well together. Hanged out together a few times. We know a lot about each other and are comfortable with each other. Last week I asked her out on a date (surprised we agreed) and it went so much better than I though it would go. At the end of it I kissed her on the lips which quickly transformed into making out as she reciprocated really well.
After that I confessed that I really liked her and that I wanted to date her, she told me that she also liked me, how I touched her and the way I kissed her. For me it was surprisingly shocking as nobody has ever reciprocated so well before. She told that she wants to date me in the future so that we could get to know each other even better if we decide to go into a relationship. She also told me that the right to kiss her and touch her is exclusive to me.
Finally I got interrogated about how many girlfriends I had and whether there was somebody I was with in the same department as we were in so that she is aware of what not to say to certain people. She is also scared that I might be possessive as she noticed how jealous I get when other guys talk to her. I told her that this is normal jealousy and that she can talk to anyone as long as there are personal boundaries overstepped.
One thing that I am sure I did wrong is that after that date, is that whenever I meet her I give her a small kiss on the cheek. For some reason I thought she likes it and allows me to do it as we are close enough for that to happen. I stopped doing that as I might appear to be rushing things.
Also, she told me that I would need to take charge of our relationship/dating. I set up the dates, venues, etc. She outright told me that she will rarely kiss me first as she believes that the guy should do it. Same goes for texting. 8/10 i text her and she responds. She is very traditional when it comes to these things. Would you say it is a red flag?
Am I a red flag considering my actions?


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  • Personally, I don't believe in making a man initiate things all the time. Should be 50/50, so I would consider that a red flag. However, if you don't mind that then I don't think you did anything wrong. She reciprocated and said she liked it. I don't think that you are a red flag either by considering your actions. Several of my guy friends do that when they are dating girls that are more traditional because they are harder to read. Just be yourself and see where it goes.

  • The whole thing seems just too... planned? There's no flow of things, you're overthinking about what everything means when you should let things take their own time. You guys made out but you feel a kiss on the cheek is too much? Always remember, if she allows it, she likes it.

    • Makes sense. Two days ago I walked her home and decided not to kiss her goodbye as I thought we were going too fast. She sent me a mad text asking why I did not kiss her and she wants me to kiss her a lot. Since then it seems that she is avoiding me. Could it be that she lost interest in me because of that. I texted her back saying I would make up twofold for that night. She laughed. I do not know what think of this now.

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  • Just be yourself... Everything seems fine to me.. I don't think anything wrong happened..
    about the kiss in the cheek don't do it everyday but once in a while is cute.. If you're fine with all those conditions you have then what's wrong..
    Personally I wouldn't agree to all that but it's your choice