Any advice for the ladies who make the first move?

Rejection is unfun, but I am rolling with the punches here and trying to stay upbeat about it and confident. I am fighting the feeling that relationships that start with the girl asking the guy out don't last at all. At least in my experience. Any advice from guys and gals who put their heart out there? Pep talk much appreciated.


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  • well, when the guy gets excited or doesn't show it dont judge us, and when we are the clingy type guys, it means we want her so dont get annoyed and or hate that. plus dont make a move and assume the guy has to take over from then on because it doesn't work like that. and never ever assume when a girl makes the first moves that the relationship doesn't last, because you will make it out that way. and most important stay away from players.


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  • I asked him out on Facebook and after a few weeks of already messaging. I first asked him if he was single. Then I asked him if he wanted to hang out. He said he was and yes he wanted to hang out. I then asked him to call me and said that if we got along well on the phone than we should see each other. Once we saw each other, I just asked him does he like me? Does he want me to be his girlfriend? Honestly looking back I now realize that he was kind of letting me lead and be in charge. I am still leading in our lives together. Honestly I figured it out, it's because his mom always lead the relationship with his dad. I am stressed out about this because I grew up with my dad always leading. I am angry at myself for choosing a follower but than I just have to love him for who he is.


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  • I've only ever asked out someone the once. Never did again. It ended with rejection.
    But I just went up to her place and asked her out.

    Girls have always been the ones to ask me out though. One of them jumped on me and pinned me down, then kissed me. Her method was definitely my favourite.

    But you do whatever makes you feel most comfortable...

  • There isn't a secret, you just don't let yourself give up. Even if you get rejected 20 times, just never give up on being proactive with your love life.


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