Dating outside your race?

My mom and aunt repeatedly tell me that I'd be wise to stay inside my race. They say that eventually your partner will do you wrong (like calling you racial slurs or degrading you in a way they wouldn't their own). Hearing this all the time is upsetting, especially when they know my love for diversity and culture. That's not to say I wouldn't date my own race (because I have), but I'm not going to pass up a great guy just because he doesn't look like me.

If you date outside your race do you go into it with the preconceived notions that they'll do you wrong? Is that how interracial marriages work? :c


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  • You will not know how difficult it is to actually try to build a life with a man from a different race until you two are fighting about your differences. When people date, they don't pay attention to these things... when you should.

    I dated a couple of people of a certain race that were as your relatives say, abusive. They really are. I stay away from anyone of any race that is, but in that race, it was the norm. I am more laid back and open and at the same time worldly and find that white guys and I get along great. Much better than my own race. You can date, but make sure that whether it is a different race or man in general that you pay close attention to how you guys will work out together in the end.

    I had a white guy friend who dated a girl from Aghanistan. He was pretty fed up with her when she forced him to become vegetarian and stop eating pork meat. She went on with the whole, " I would never allow my children to eat this and that." This girl was better suited for another man. He let her go.

  • I wanna marry outside my race, I don't see anything wrong with it, but I guess its just stereotypes that make people say no