Is this girl a big deal?

if a girl you like who also likes you back, is a great catch, but with one personality flaw which might be workable should your relationship develop, would you reconsider your interest as the pros outweigh the cons or would you walk away?


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  • Everyone has flaws - her, you, me, and the rest of the planet. Having a good relationship does not depend upon finding a flawless partner - fortunately - because such people do not exist.

    • What if its a flaw which you are not a fan of but you decided to look over that, would this translate to you liking her a whole lot?

    • You simply ask yourself, "Do I love the rest of her so much that I am willing to live with this one problem, especially considering that she is willing to put up with my flaws?"

  • i wouldn't mind being with her

  • Depends on the flaw.


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