I'm so afraid I'll seem annoying, I don't talk to him?

I'm completely in love with one of my best guy friends.

We used to be super close, but due to things out of our control, we hardly ever see each other and were unable to talk.

However, he just got a phone! Thus making it possible to talk to him.

He texted me a few times, but I'm scared out of my mind to text or call him. I'm afraid he'll think I'm annoying and won't want to talk to me.

So, when does texting become annoying? Would it be bad to text him and just say, 'hey!' ?

I really don't want him to think I'm annoying, but I'm dying to talk to him!


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  • Aww! D: Don't be scared about this. It's only annoying if you keep texting him over and over even if he's not replying much. But if he replies, it means he wants you to bug him so go ahead and message him all you want. ^^ If he doesn't reply, just give it a while or like wait a day or so, before trying again. But if he never replies than that's a sign he's not into you, and it's not because you're annoying so don't take it seriously and just move on.

    Don't be afraid to text him to see how he responds to you. If he responds often to your messages, then it's OK if you call him. :p


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