Is this a good first date outfit - hot or not?

Here are links:

link (The dress is from a boutique only in Hawaii)

link (The shoes are 4 inch heels)

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  • how about more colors,

    i mean white and black isn't that attractive..

    its nice though,

    have fun

    • I look much better overall, with makeup and accessories included. Thanks for your advice.

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  • The shoes are a bit clunky and heavy for the lightness of the dress, they don't really work well together. A flat metallic sandal would be prettier and better with that dress. Something like this: link but silver instead of gold.

    • I agree with you, thanks!

  • what kind of date are you going on ? well the dress is okay but its kind of boring . on the other hand I hope your date likes it though

    • It doesn't photograph well, I think it looks much more vibrant in-person.

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