Have you ever met someone so cute and kind hearted that you felt they're to good?

I think this guy looks like Taylor lautner. However you spell it. This guy is so sweet and has a good heart. Now I think he's to adorable for me. He's better than me. He likes me, I think he bumped his head! I'm not that pretty. I'm average if that. I have a cold heart at times. I don't think this guy can be mean at all.


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  • It's not necessarily a "good heart" that makes someone a positive person. His environmental upbringing and values instilled by his parents have as much to do with his attitude as anything.

    So it's not a matter of having a good heart or bad heart, nor is it a matter of choice to be someone who is capable of empathizing and giving.

    Oh, and personality matters, even to guys. You're probably nice, and just like many girls, you won't give yourself credit out of insecurity.

    • Thank you. Well i am very insecure. I think every or most girls are.

    • Yeah. I could be a bad heart and rebut that.

    • True. I just don't feel like a good person ig

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  • Taylor whatever is NOT attractive to me