Telling someone you're interested in that you flirt a lot?

OK guys... and gals...

Guys... If you had dated a woman 3 times and the 3rd date was a great one, would you tell her that you flirt with many women online? Please give details to your answer. :-)

Gals... If you went on a date 3 times with a guy and the 3rd date was a great one, then he told you he flirted with many women online, how would you respond and what would your thoughts be?

Any thoughts on this subject would be appreciated. Thank-you!


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What Guys Said 1

  • There's nothing shameful about online flirting. A lot of people do this; it's not any sort of cheating, just recreation. I woldn't BRAG about it to a woman, but if she brought up the subject I wouldn't be embarrassed to admit this.


What Girls Said 1

  • Nowadays it's difficult to date because there are so many options everywhere. I feel that people who continue to flirt on line have the "I know I chose what's behind door #1, but I would like to see what's behind door #2, #3, & #4" - syndrome. This online flirting is actually detrimental to any relationships as a whole, whether you are just cultivating one, or whether or not you've been together a long while. Whether it's in person or through a computer it's improper to be flirting with other people when dating someone.

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