I'm 24 and I have been friends with this guy for 8 months now and he's 20. He asked me out and I said yes, is it a bad thing to date someone younger?

Every time someone finds out they will talk about it like it's a bad thing saying he might bring me down and everything was a negative. The main reason was he lost his job but he is doing small odd jobs like: farming, plumbing, construction, mechanic, painting, he'said even planning on delivering papers and telephone books, I found a website for him that shows any jobs hiring near him and he will continue doing odd jobs until he finds a real one. He doesn't have a car only because the money he did make at his last job he gave the money to his mom ( single mom of three and his brother has mental behavior problems) but no one seems to care, I honestly think he's a great guy and I really do like him. But I don't see the big deal of how it's a bad thing?

He's even decided to become a father figure for his little brother.


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  • Your relationship with this man is yours. Do not let other people influence your decisions. If he is making it work and taking care of family he sounds like a stand up guy to me. the average age difference in marriage is about 7-10 years. How you feel about this guy is all that matters, your friends won't be the ones bring with him


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  • Well, normally I'd say bad, but he honestly seems to be mature and not some young knucklehead who thinks s/he's mature.

    He sounds like his priorities are in place, so it's really your own personal decision regardless.

    • Honestly the only reason I'm giving him a chance because it looks like he's actually trying to do something with his life. Being 20 isn't a bother I'm just trying to figure why it's a bad thing.

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    • Good luck with it :)

    • Thanks for mh

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  • Why would it be wrong?

    • Because everyone is making it seem wrong and I was trying to figure out if it was a bad thing

    • Stop listening and live your own life

  • Nothing wrong in that, age is just a number..
    But if u not comforable in the relation then u have to think about it again

    • I definitely gave it some thought and wanted to see where it goes. I was just trying to figure out what's the big deal.

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