Guys, why does he want to have a date with me 3 days in a row?

He is a dutch with chinese indonesian blood.
Flying to Jakarta and we are dating now.
We just dated once. And it was so intimate.
Now he is in japan and will be back to jakarta in a week.
And he called & asked me to go out with him again 3 days in a row. 3 dates.

08 oct: going to amusement park all day
09 oct: have a culinary adventure, street food from morning till 4pm.
And he also asked me to accompany him to his cousin's engagement party at night, after our street food adventure. (whaat... There will be his family there, and we are just dating). Why did he ask me? Is this a casual thing?

10 oct: it is Monday and i work. And he asked me out again and he say at least a dinner. He waits till i finish working.


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  • That seems a little overkill to me personally.

    • Do u think i should cancel a date?
      Why do u think he does that?

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    • Thats not exactly something I've ever done before lol, well maybe sort of one time when I was really drunk, but I don't think that counts. I would be interested in sneaking some kisses here and there, but actually getting to know the person and having a good time. Wait till the end of the night for stuff like that in my opinion :)

      I wouldn't read into that very much though, everyone is different. Since I'm not a girl I can only say what I've done personally and I know I can't speak for every guy out there.

    • Yeah u are right..
      Thank u for ur opinion... :)

  • Maby he is trying to get all the dates in he can before he has to go back to work again for a long time I work 21 days on 7 days and I always tried to get at least 3 or 4 dates during that time

    • Sorry what do u mean by "work 21 days on 7 days" ? :) hehe..

    • Then got 7 days of usally out of town and where 14 hours was considered a short day

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