How to stay Happy? Avoid Relapse?

So I have felt really good the past couple weeks or so.

I have gotten over my ex, almost.

I think it's because she hasn't really been affecting my mind lately. I still think about her, but it's just thoughts now. Not consuming my brain.

I really feel good, I haven't felt my mind this clear, and been this happy in a couple years.

I really don't want to relapse, and start overthinking again. Because I have been over her before, and felt good for a day but the cycle ended up repeating.

So how can I make sure I stay this way?

Happy, positive, not caring about her, and free 😊


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  • Man its fucking hard there's no real plan for success. I was dating my ex for 10 years. Even though I ended it for good reasons, the more time that goes by you start forgetting the bad stuff and only remember the good stuff. This has been over 8 months ago mind you and things still fuck with me, like seeing one of our favorite TV shows come on, or a song, just random shit that brings you back there.

    I started out serial dating and banging girls which really was just bad because I ended up getting into situations I didn't want to be in and made more drama in my life. Having to get rid of more girls I was probably into, but not ready to be with. Now I am actually seeing a girl and feel I'm ready to do so which has made it a lot better.

    Its a struggle, I don't know how many times I just wanted to go back to the way things were, but I knew that relationship was fucking horrible. If you are feeling good just keep on doing what you are doing. You might slip, but know you will get past it and keep moving forward. Involve yourself in a hobby, or work just keep busy. If you sit around your house and don't hang out with people etc, its a lot easier to get into a slump. You can do it though.

    • I will get past it, even if I slip I know everyday I care less and less about her and what happened.

      Your story sounds horrible man, 10 years is a long time to be with someone...

      I'm glad you are with someone new that you like, try to focus on her and yourself :)

      It takes time, go no contact, if something reminds you of her avoid those songs and shows for a while... Even if they are your favorites you have to avoid them until you are over her.

      Good Luck to you, I know I'm really feeling better these days... I didn't think I would ever recover but I did :)

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