I have a crush on my friend, and I don't know what to do. I don't know how to ask anything. I don't know if I even should. I need advice. Please help?

So I have this crush on this guy. I have no clue how he feels about me, and I have never dated before. I have no idea what to do. he is my friend so I don't want to make anything awkward, but I also really like him. Should I ask? How do I do that? What do I do?


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  • Being a guy, I have a few friends that are female, and I can't think of one that I would be upset with if she told me she liked me. I have also told one of them I like her and it turned out she liked me as well, so that went better than expected.

    Basically if you are going to say anything be prepared that things most likely won't be the same regardless of the outcome, so it takes a lot of thinking to decide if you want to go there.

    As far as how to go about it? There's a million ways, just make sure its clear and not a hint or something along those lines. Commit to it. One thing I've done before is just straight up ask "so if I wanted to date you how would you feel about that? "

    Or I would start up a conversation about relationships or ask if they are seeing anyone and use it a bridge since the conversation is already in that realm its not as big of a bomb to drop. For example if you are sitting around doing whatever and you just say, so hey I like you! It might be a little bit surprising, but if you are having a talk in that area already it will at least be a little easier to bring up.

  • Cool that is definitely normal it is also normal to have no idea what he feels about you either. Try acting like he is a date instead of just your freind. Compliment him more, touch him more appropriately, and always suggest that you two will see each other again soon. I'd suggest just telling him but I'm also having that problem myself. I really like my freind but I can't seem to tell her that and I froze when I had a perfect opportunity to talk with her alone and ask her out.
    Right now he is not your freind he is your crush and you already have altered your freindship and so things are awkward for you. So I suggest finding a time and just casually telling him. I doubt that he would be mad infact. I think that he will enjoy it. Things might be awkward for a short time but things will get back to normal afterward.
    After I started flirting with my freind it took her getting used to being around me again. She is a shy girl so it took sometime for her to warm up to me. Now were almost back to normal except now I want to ask her out and I'm trying to. My mouth just won't work.
    So how long have you two been freinds? What kind of freindship is it?


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