Should I be worried?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a long time, we both really love eachother. And we want a future together, the only thing that bugs me is we haven't met in person :/ because of my parents and he's moving soon, so we are planning on seeing eachother a bunch before he goes. We have such great chemistry and comfortable to tell each other everything. But my grandmas got me concerned that we won't have chemistry in person. Or should I not bug, and relax.


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  • He will still be that same guy in person. If it's awkward just push through it and talk about fun things you've talked about in the past and get into that zone. If you love this man make sure he knows it by your actions, when you first see him don't hold back. If he has invested as much time as you have then he will be all too ready for a warm reception. Meeting someone for the first time in person is never a sure thing, but if you've been talking for a "long" time it sounds like this is going to be amazing for the both of you. I hope it goes well

    • Thank you :) pretty sure I'm not gonna be able to help my self and no run up and hug him haha. But thank you that made me feel better

    • He's a lucky man, I was once in a long distance thing and that first time was such a beautiful thing. The release of all that tension into one night is life changing.

    • Thank you 😊

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