How to deal with a boyfriend on anti depressants?

We were together for 5 years. Took a little break because of his problem with alcohol. During that time he dated around. I didn't because didn't feel comfortable with the idea, I still loved him. I feel resentment in my heart.

We got together a few months ago. He was a even a real mess losing his job, apartment, no money. He hit rock bottom and went to detox. He has been sober for a month and is now on anti depressants.

We are currently working on having a healthy relationship, the issue I am having is he that he is like a robot now, no emotions, no affection from him. I feel like I am forcing myself onto him, being the affectionate person that I am. This leaves me feeling that he doesn't love me. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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  • Obviously, run xD Nah, but in all seriousness you should take a step back, I'm not saying abandon him but maybe see about walking before you can run, eg, reigning back your feelings and just agreeing to be friends until he gets his shit sorted.

    He's clearly not healthy and its not healthy of you to think that you can 'fix' him, because you can't. So how can you think that you could ever have a healthy relationship with this person right now?

    Need to wake up and smell the coffee with this one. Depression is a horrible illness... and one of the worst things about it is it can transfer onto the people around us to. Clearly his illness it is already affecting you and making you feel down and doubt yourself and that's a slippery sloap. You have to be your own main priority right now because trust me, you are not his. His depression might be to blame for that but it doesn't matter if the reason has a name. The fact is, you don't feel loved in the relationship and that should never be good enough for anyone to settle for.

  • I think you should just let him get himself together. If he loves you the way you love him he'll understand that he's taking you for granted because he knows you'll be there. Regain what you lost.