Boyfriend won't vacation with me?

We've been together almost 3 years and i went to disney world this past week and really want to go back and really would like him to come. At first he said yes but when i try and pick his brain or ask when he thinks he might like to go i get a blank reply-no reply/stare or even topic change.

At this point i feel like he doesn't want to go because he will have to spend money ( He lives at home pays maybe 200 in rent, no car loan, Tool box loan and a credit loan) He makes a decent penny

. He goes up to his family trailer very often during the summer and it costs him next to nothing ( mommy and daddy pay for everything) He has no problem inviting me along for that or if i invite him with my family vacation for camping for a week up north somewhere.
Has no problem making a guys weekend ( only happened once but) at the trailer but won't arrange any time for just us two. I have told him I'm more then content with a weekend/week at his trailer but it never happens and I don't feel okay asking his parents if we can use their trailer (his dad can be a bit of a grumpy ass about topics)

He has been to several places in the world before he met me.. We both like disney ( maybe me more than him but he's been when he was in school)

Ovb I will go on vacation alone i just figured it would be nice to share it with someone.


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  • I agree with @KFoxx. I think this is something he cares far less about than you think and would rather spend money on other things. Even if they are things he hardly pays attention to, those are the things he wants to spend his money on. Now, I have to ask, why did you go on this last trip without him? Maybe he is hurt or bothered he didn't go with you the first time.


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  • Some people just dont like to spend money on things that are only going to bring you joy for a short while if they dont have that much money themselves. make sense?

    • It def dose. But he spends money on toys per say that he never uses or touches again. If he said hey i don't really have the money thats fine

    • Hmm. Maybe ask if hed rather go to the gift shop? lol.. something to remind hin of good times?