Is he trying to hurt me and keep me there?

Okay I have been on and off with a man I have been seeing for 2 years. We have both done bad things to eachother I know he has me and I have him. Anyway so he always try's to make me jealous with my sister because he knows she is the closest person to me so he walk talk about her all the time when with me and it is annoying so I just ignore him. Anyway he always ask me if I sleep with any one else. And I have , we are not together so I didn't see the problem. He gets funny about this , but I know he is doing it to but he lies about it. Anyway when we fall out he turns up places I go close to my area to bump into me. But this is the thing last time I saw him he asked me
if I loved him and he has asked me this before but I just feel it's some kind of game as he never tells me he even likes me so he just wants me to love him and not love me back ( I do think I love him ) but I'm not telling him. Anyway he stays with me and won't talk to me for a couple days after and it hurts so much. Then it will go back to talking everyday. He knows I hate this so why does he keep doing it. We got on so well when I last saw him we cuddled all night. Holdings hands so on apart from the jealous part. I feel he does want a reaction out of me and when I've seen him out and I've been dancing with other men he just storms out. Even if I'm just messing around he does constantly go on about me with other men. But why do this ignoring thing and the jealous thing so much?


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  • He is hurting you but not intentionally. Don't keep yourself in that relationship.

    • Then why is he doing this , I don't get it? Like why is he trying to make me jealous then not even one message after. He's playing some kind of games with me.

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  • sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it to. This is a toxic relationship that will only end in tears. Both of you either need to stop playing nasty games (as they are hurting other people as well as yourselves) and be together if thats what you both want (though i dont think it is)
    or just get out of each others lives for good. time to heal and move on to better and more mature relationship, with no game playing or trying to make the other jealous.

    • Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssss ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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