How do you respond to this?

So I have this coursemate who i like, she is pretty but she is insecure. she says she was hurt in the past so she doesn't want relationships. we go on good, i am the boy who she talks the most in class. we both like a model, and she sends me a pic of her saying she is sooooo hot that i can't even...
what should i respond? I am not going to say, of course not you are more beatful, if i say she is not my type i can't because i have previously said i liked her, and i not going to say, yeah she may be but i like more you in this X aspect because she will freak out. help!!!


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  • Say she is indeed hot but you appreciate more if images were not so heavily airbrushed because you like a woman's true beauty. Then compliment your girl by saying, "for example, your eyes are beautiful as they are and not airbrushed like this model." Something like that... I don't know

  • Wait what... I don't understand is she ur type or not... if not then it's pretty simple. why bother


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