Does he want me back or does he just want sex?

Okay... so I dated my ex for nearly 3 years before I saw that he sent a message to another girl about his feelings for her while he was dating me, and he decided to end the relationship instead of talking about it (I had already told him how sorry I was for seeing the message). So I was really heartbroken (he was my first boyfriend and I was his first gf).

Nearly 2 years later, he starts a conversation up with me on Facebook; asking how I am, how college is going, my family etc, and I felt really comfortable with talking to him. Then he started to turn the chats sexual and I asked him if it felt weird talking like that to me, and he said no because he still found me attractive and he asked if I still have feelings for him, which I told him that I do. We decided to meet up and see how things were from there. When we met up, things went really well, and we ended up sleeping with each other (it was the first time for both of us). After that we saw each other a few more times, even though he kept asking me if I’d been with any other guys.

Since he’s gone to uni, we still talk every other day, and he’s said about us meeting up when he’s back, and he’s also said about me staying the night with him at his uni, but lately he’s still been asking me if I’ve slept with anyone else. I know my feelings for him: that I still love him, but I don’t know if he cares about me in the same way or if he wants a friends with benefits relationship with me :-/

I forgot to mention that sometimes I'm the one who that starts talking sexual to him as well, but I haven't asked him if he's been with other girls whereas he asks me nearly all the time and he gives me advice on "how to make guys want me" like wearing low cut tops, be confident and other things. But is it wrong that I only want to be like that for him 😕


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  • don't sleep with him or do anything physical until you get back together. honestly it seems like he just wants to hook up with you if that's the main thing he's talking about. just hold out and see if he gives you what you want before you have sex with him


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  • If a guy likes you, he will actively pursue you. You won't have any doubts. Especially since you guys have history

  • Men want sex

  • Just sex. Move on. He didn't have decency then then, he has none now.