Giving someone the cold shoulder. Do You ever?

I met up with an old classmate. Our four dates were off the chart but time lagged between date 3 and 4. I even told him this bothered me. i basically said i was looking for a man who invested time like 1 date a week so i could get to know them.

Well we slept together on the fourth date. 3 weeks later and he texts me every 2 or 3 days but never asked me out. So i stopped answering.

I really do like him. A lot in fact. I feel like if he liked me back he would have asked me out. I was texting back and forth but he texted sun and i didn't feel like answering. He texted back this morning.

I feel kinda bad. Its not that i do not like him. I just feel he's either seeing someone else or only mildly interested.

Is it super rude not to text back? If he really wanted to kbow why i wasn't wouldn't he just ask? If i text him it would be simply to explain how i feel about him not asking me on another date. i feel kind of used for sex truth be told. And i hate to come off as presumptuous.

What would you do?


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  • I am kinda on your side on this - I am a very honest person so I think I would just outright ask the other person what their intentions are saying "That we are adults and I deserve to be given the full picture"


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  • when i was playing the field, i didn't focus on one guy, nor did i have sex early on. sex is on my term, not his. if i feel he has earned my trust, liking then we can get closer.
    the guy has to prove a lot for me to sleep with him such as daily text... then i go to phone call. no phone calls, then i drop them. i need to know, i can reach him say he calls, and i can call back... be all sweet ooohhhh sorry i missed your call, so nice to hear from you. how was your day... etc...

    he is def. seeing other women. so drop him and move on. you want to be the prioority. try not to mix sex with feelings. enjoy the sex if you planning to have it.
    i don't know what i have done to guys... but always honest, if i am not attracted i let go after the first date... the most, second date.

    i would move on from him, i find it disrespectful that he did that to you.

    • Thank you. This beat embodies what im feeling about it. I will say prior to everything he was texting me every day and asking me out and was quite sweet. But yes... I guess the beat word for what happened was... Disappointing. Nothing more nothing less. Eh

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  • I give guys the cold shoulder all the time. Well not EVERY single guy lol but when things aren't right, they aren't right. It's better to ignore a text than continually get played. If you sense that a guy is on some bullshit then you are within your rights to ignore his text. You are not obligated to text back anymore obligated than he is to ask you out. Besides if this guy really liked you he would be pursuing you a little better than that anyway.

  • Never a good idea to explain guys how you feel. Show him
    You like what he does, appreciate it and praise him to no end
    If you don't like something, for example, his inconsistency, pull back, respond casually but don't engage beyond that
    Be unavailable

  • I think the cold shoulder sucks. If you have had it done to you then you know how it truly feels. I think an open honest discussion is best always first. If he doesn't respond or deal after that, then maybe the cold shoulder?