Is this a rebound relationship? Will my ex come back?

My ex and I dated for three years on and off with a few breaks in between where we saw other people. We got back together a little over a year ago and a few months later we were pregnant. I knew we weren't ready for a kid but he wanted to keep it. I decided to have an abortion. I pushed him away for awhile and the last semester of school we weren't together but we weren't seeing other people. He got me a great present for Christmas. This semester we've not been dating but have been hooking up at least once a week up until about three weeks ago because he said he was still emotionally attached to me. I finally told him I wanted to fix our relationship and make it work and he said he didn't want a relationship, not with me not with anyone. I asked him to my sororities formal and he said no because he thought I'd make it like a date and he didn't want that. So I said okay I have another date no big deal. Later that week I found out that a girl that does not like me in my sorority asked him to go with her roommate. So he went knowing I was extremely upset, but explained that he wanted to hang out with his fraternity brothers that were there which I understood and he did for the first half of the formal. I asked him to respect me and he said okay but later I found out that the girl who does not like me made him dance with his date and stuff which made me more upset and I cried. Two days after formal I asked him to come over and he said he wanted to but didn't want any drama. I said there wouldn't be but he ended up not coming and we haven't spoken since. As of yesterday him and his date to formal are now dating officially and all his friends commented on Facebook saying oh I called it. The girl who does not like me also told him that night that I was talking to a new boy, which isn't entirely true but I said it so she'd tell my ex and soon after I told the girl that her roommate and him were Facebook official in a relationship. Is she a rebound? She's in my sorority which means he'll have to see me some and I know he won't talk to me because he gives into me. Will he come back to me if I act like I'm moving on?

This past Tuesday we had a date party. I was dancing and they were in close vicinity to me and he was like I can't do this let's go outside. They stayed outside for two and a half hours. I came outside to ask someone a question and they went inside to
dance to not be around me when I came back in to dance the same thing happened. Then she got mad and said I want to dance and he said no, go away! He couldn't be in the same room as me and kept looking at me out the corner of his eye.


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  • No, he won't.


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