What is your take on someone my age dating older women?

I have been with girls my age and a little older and a little younger but they always seem so insecure and immature. I would like to hear what y'all think please :)


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  • A woman a few years older can be a godsend. It was for me at about your age.

    Society of course clucks their tongues at that, while cheering for the guys dating women half their age, of course. Shows how bizarre our society has become.

    But don't expect a long term relationship with someone significantly older. Eventually they'll want someone their own age. But that doesn't mean the relationship can't be wonderful

    • Sorry my boyfriend was using my computer and sent this. But I actually think it's good advice!

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  • I'd say go for it dude make sure you date a milf even though they have kids and a husband they know to work it in bed.