Will my boyfriend choose another girl over me? What do I do?

i have a boyfriend who loves me (i think) and i too, loves him a lot a lot. however, i do not look good (with acne scars and really ugly features) hence, i feel not good enough for him. i have really serious trust issues due to my insecurities. my boyfriend plays this online social game where he gets to chat with people in an open chat room. and coincidentally, we met on that chat room. (its for friendly chats as well but we ended up going out) we've been together for a month and these days, i find myself obsessively stalking him whenever he's taking longer than usual to reply my texts. these days, whenever he takes more than 30 mins to reply my text, I'll go onto that chatroom with another account to find him talking to this one girl. he has been talking to this girl a lot these days and im getting jealous. my doubts and jealousy are driving me crazy. for instance this morning (he usually calls me before i go to sleep and then return to sleep), he called me but unlike usual, he said he has to hang up earlier as he's tired and want to sleep. after he hung up, i immediately went to the chatroom but he wasn't there. a few days ago, he was taking around 10 minutes to reply each of my text and i stalked him to find him talking to the girl. i was really angry and went to sleep without telling him. normally if i do this, ill wake up with lots of texts from him asking where i am. however, the next morning i woke up with no texts. i really dont know what to do. and if we met through this chatroom, he can meet another girl as well right? furthermore, these days I've been busy with school and can't meet him. will he leave me for another girl? what do i do?

we've been distancing and he has been taking hours to reply my texts. is he cheating on me? is he tired of me? has he never loved me before?


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  • No idea... But I know for a fact that insecurities and jealousy can push a guy away, even if he does love you. Work on that, and try to forget about that girl


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  • I think you definitely need to be more trustworthy. Trust is super important in a healthy relationship. If you are happy in the relationship and you feel loved and like everything is in the right place, then you have nothing to worry about. If you feel like he is the type of person who could cheat on you, and you don't feel like the relationship is right, then maybe you could try to sit down with him and figure it all out. Either way, I'm sure you'll do what you feel is right. good luck :) and send updates!

    • Usually we are happy and i feel really loved. but these days he has been taking hours to reply my text and i get really scared that he doesn't love me anymore. i keep trying to pull him back by telling him how much i love him but something still feels weird. I'm not sure if he is the type of person who will cheat on me but well, he talks to girls online. But he told me before that im the first person who has ever made him this happy. i have really serious trust issues and i dont know what to do. if i trust him, will i end up getting hurt real bad?

    • I think you could answer that better than me, as i don't personally know him. But regardless i think you should confront him about it, communicate with him. Communication is just as important as trust! Say that something feels weird, and that you feel like you aren't loved as much by him as you used to feel. You may get hurt, and you may not, but that is a part of loving. You can't fully love if you don't also allow yourself to be vulnerable and allow yourself to sometimes feel hurt.

    • im afraid of getting hurt :( and im scared that if i confront him, he will just get done with me. or i might seem really whiney and annoying. and even if i do tell him, i bet he'll just brush it off and say that he does not love me less. nothing will be solved.

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  • No one can answer the questions you provided in your update.

    One thing I can say is that your insecurities about the way you look and the anxiety over him leaving you is likely to push him away... into the arms of another girl who is happy and secure.

    If you feel this way maybe this relationship isn't right for you and you need to love yourself first before you can love anyone else.

    There are many things you can do to help the appearance of your acne scars. But you an also improve yourself in many other ways than just your looks. You are very young and I think you should concentrate on yourself and getting through school before you start worrying about boys and who they are talking to in chat rooms.

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