Should I pursue her or not?

I like girl, she seems nice, she's friendly, she has had a tough life, she recently lost her Mom and I have such respect and admiration for her in how she dealt with what happened and how she cared for her Mom. I do genuinely like her and I have been told she really likes me. I spoke to a guy who knows her better than I do about whether she still likes me and he said yes and then told me how she's had a lot of casual sex and well I find that off putting and it's usually a deal breaker for me but I feel I can look past it with her but I am worried how I'll be seen by others as if she is known as a slut it could affect me negatively especially if she has an infection.

What at would you do? Pursue or back off and let someone else have her?

Should I or shouldn't I?


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  • Dude, you don't even know if she likes you or not and you already worry about other people's perception of her?
    Don't pursue her, because even if she says yes, you're probably going to make her miserable because you would constantly remind her of the casual sex she used to have.


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  • Back off unless you can change your attitude and accept her as she is and be proud to be with her. If you aren't going to be comfortable bringing her around your slut-shaming friends then just leave her alone. If you really like her, then just tell your so-called friends to STFU, you aren't interested.

    This just baffles me. Out here in the grown-up big city, this shit just never comes up. People have sex. As long as they are careful to avoid pregnancy and STDs, it's their choice.

    • Well the guy that told me this information sleeps around & had a thing with her last year.

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    • They have tests for that, although usually people do that when they are on the verge of intimacy. If it comes to that, you should both be tested. She doesn't know your sexual history either.

    • I have no history. I am a virgin.