Didn't mean to call?

I just found a friend from highschool he asked my number and he just gave me his. The next night I got a call from him but I didn't answer cause my phone wasn't working right, so I text him to tell him to talk to me on myspace we didn't talk much cause I had to go. well anyways saturday I was talking with him (by texting) and I asked him want he wanted and why he called me. he told me that must have been the night I was drunk? When he left a message on the phone he didn't seem to drunk he told me to call him back at this number. Since he had just gotten my number the night before he called me and how can he get mine messed up with someone else or whatever was going on


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  • He may have wanted to talk to you, and you put him on the spot, (which was a little too soon and a bit intrusive for having just reconnected with this guy), so he made up an excuse. Try casually talking with him more, if things go well, he likely didn't get drunk and contact you, or, maybe he did, either way it shouldn't matter, right?


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