Why would he do this? Just to humiliate me?

A guy I had been dating for a couple of months and I decided to mutually call things off, we didn't really want to, but we both have had a lot going on and hadn't been able to focus on one another which was getting frustrating and hurting both of us.

He messaged me and asked me to come to dinner with him and I was hesitant because things were tense but I agreed because he told me he wanted to "show me how much I mean to him". We live about 2 hours apart and he asked me to meet him in the city that he lives in.

I drove 2 hours and when I arrived he wasn't there, so I messaged and called him. He just ignored my texts and rejected my calls, and hasn't contacted me since. I tried texting and calling multiple times and stupidly waited around for another 2 hours before driving home. 6 hrs wasted.

What I want to understand is why would someone do that? Was it just to humiliate me?


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  • Sounds like a major dick move. Has he contacted you at all since? like did he get arrested, or his mom was in the hospital? Ruling out some sort of emergency, it sounds like he's just an asshole.


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  • Probably just a jerk. Or maybe a drunken call or something he regretd when you asked you to go there?

    • He badgered me all day about going and he doesn't drink, so I guess just a jerk.

    • I'd say so. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Sadly there's a lot of guys who lash out at women when they break up. I don't know why but they often do.

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  • I'm sorry you had your time wasted by this idiot but you can go round and round asking yourself (and us) why he didn't and probably will never get the true reasons why.
    Put it down to a very bad experience and move on. You're better than this waste of space and you deserve someone who treats you so.
    And please if he contacts you again don't even give him the time of day!

    • Thanks I know I just need to let it go, but that's easier said than done.

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    • I honestly have no idea why he did it which is probably why I'm still over thinking it. We broke up and had left things then he contacted me to see him. I initially said no and he badgered me into saying yes so it makes no sense to me at all. I haven't tried contacting him again or anything but I'm still obsessing about it in my head. I don't want to see him again or anything but I'm annoyed and frustrated at the whole situation.

    • Understandable but you will get over it in time x

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