Girls, Do most girls secretly want a rich guy?

they never say it, but do they?

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  • Money is not A turn off to anyone not even you guys...
    Money is a bonus , i would not go for a man simply because he's rich. If money is all I cared about, I would just stay with my parents since my papa spoils me already.
    But if you give me 2 men who are equal in everything, personality , intelligence, looks, mental compatibility, except one is rich and the other is poor, well I will obviously be tempted by the rich more.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I don't care about it, it doesn't affect my feelings/love but I just want him to be ambitious like me.

  • Some do, some don't

    I'm too financially independent to ever rely on anyone for financial gain.

  • yeah but it's more like a fantasy bc I know it's not gonna happen 😛 also I don't "secretly want" it, I'm pretty open about it to anyone who cares enough to ask

    • why don't u think its gonna happen? I'm from a rich family, sounds bad but I want a really beautiful girl :D

    • haha I don't know I'm realistic I guess, I'm pretty but not gorgeous I can't and don't want to compete with other women
      when I settle down I want the real deal rich or not, Im perfectly capable of working 😊

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