Do I need there permission?

My parents think I should stay home all day and dont want me dating.

I'm 23 and dating a nice Arab guy, my parents don't like him because they think he's a terrorist and my mom accused him of being married!

We lived in the same state up until recently. I plan on taking the bus to see him it's usually a 3 hour trip so of course I would want to stay the night to spend as much time together as possible since he works a lot. He said I can stay with him anytime so I plan on it.

My mom called me a whore for wanting to stay the night. She thinks everything is about sex when it isn't. I haven't slept with this guy yet and we have been dating for 3 months. She believes I will become pregnant and get a disease -_-

How should I go about this? I already know if I tell them ahead of time they will just verbally abuse me and try to stop me like always. They guilt trip me and put fear in me whenever I want to go out and have fun.

I am only buying a one way ticket because I dont know how they will react and I honestly dont want to be around them anymore.

Please give me some advice and opinions on my situation.


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  • Hey your parents can't stop you
    dating is nice its your relationship
    you shouldn't stop if you think he's nice just make sure he isn't married or cheating with someone also I'm not saying this because he's Arab or black there are bad people in this world please don't buy a one way ticket also make sure to look out for unusual signs make sure your prepared for you safety and can go back home also have your phone with you I honestly hate everyone saying black people are terrorist believe me but for your safety please bring a knife and make sure you have a path to escape you should first call police and tell them if you don't call them back or visit back to your parents house it means your in trouble with the guy your dating but my point is your parents can't stop you it's your relationship it's your date and stay safe make sure you have backup if anything goes wrong I hope nothing does and you enjoy your time make sure you charge your phone before going

    • also are you not together with your boyfriend anymore?

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    • I can't think right now I'm going to watch hentai but just keep in mind what I said earlier I hope everything goes smoothly

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  • You are an adult. You can date anyone you want. You need to put your foot down.

  • You're a grown woman date whom you like. What blows is you live with your parents.


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  • Tell your mom you are 23 and were raised right but are now an adult who can make her own decisions. If you want, go as far as to say you haven't slept with him and aren't planning on it but if you decide to, its your decision to make.
    Make sure you do have and use protection.