Dating. Dates. Dude?

So I met this guy. We've had 2 wonderful dates. On both he talked futuristically with me, like 6mths down the road of things to do. He told me he is making me a bucket list lol. He already has the 3rd date in the works. He text me last night that he is going to kiss me next time (3rd date) so is he hooked? should I expect "the talk" next time? He asked me on the 2nd date if I was talking to anyone else.


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  • Sounds like he is doing everything by the book. Lol

    • So he's interested?

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    • so I text him this morning and I haven't heard back from him. Should I be concerned?

    • No he just might not want to appear desperate. Or he is still sleeping or busy with classes

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  • Best advice honestly?
    Just go with it and stop asking the internet for help.
    Trust me on this, because not everyone is the same. Not every guy is the same. If he asks you to be official then cool.
    If you really like him bring it up then!
    It's good that he's planning for the future already! :)
    Good Luck

    • This.
      Also you're 30 something. You shouldn't be relying on internet for answers.

  • Enjoy it and see how things go. He is interested, but you have to check for compatibility... Go on dates and have fun.