Is he ignoring me?

I'm in high school by the way. Okay so the guy I like always texts me back, usually right away too. We'll talk for hours, he's super engaging and uses a lot of emojis too! He has even told me it's nice talking with me. So I was really confused when he didn't text back... It's the next day and I know he got it because he looked at my snap story... These are the reasons I thought he liked me,

- We went to the movies together, I asked him there but he paid for everything! He ever asked his mom for extra money so he could pay for me! He also asked me if I liked the popcorn, he even offered to get me better popcorn if I didn't like it, he also held it for me most of the movie!
- When he found out I would be camping with his family (our families are close) he showered for the first time in days and put on axe. So much his mom noticed at told my mom, and my mom told me.
- He's really shy and doesn't initiate conversation so when I texted him and asked if he wanted to do something with me he responded with yes and suggested mini golf Saturday night... unfortunately his team had a game he was playing in that he forgot about so we didn't end up going. Anyway, his mom told my mom that he was "upset" he didn't get to go...

Those are just the big things, there's more, but they are not as concrete. He seems nervous around me and holds eye contact them looks away then back... but that isn't as convincing. So I was pretty sure he liked me. I mean, my mom is convinced he does, his mom has stated that she thinks he does... I was pretty confident. But then he didn't answer me at all! He has been on social media and still won't reply, why? I said hey. Does he just not want to talk to me? I just don't understand and It really hurts because I'm super insecure and It makes me feel like I'm not important to him. We've been friends for a long time, but he doesn't go to the same school so I can't see him and ask him... I really need your help. Do you think it means anything?


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  • Poor kid sounds like he is in love. Go attack hard show him who is boss grab him hug him and give him a big kiss and say your all mine and your my new boy friend okay

    • But he won't text me back... and I know he got it because he's been active on social media.

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  • Weird because based on what you said, I'd be more than certain that the guy is into you.

    • Thanks! I was thinking the same thing, do you think he just has a lot on his mind? Wouldn't you text the girl you like back?

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    • I hope you're right, I appreciate your input immensely. :)

    • You're welcome and good luck.