So should I tell him how I feel on my last day? Or leave it?

I'm leaving my job in 2 weeks. He works in a different department. We don't have eachother contact info. I'm sure he likes me vice versa. So should I tell him how I feel on my last day? Or leave it?

I was thinking of waiting for him at the door he leaves from (we use diffrent doors to enter the building) and asking him if we could talk. Is that weird? Desperate?

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  • You should say something, if for no other reason than you'll kick yourself later if you don't. You don't need to come on strong though. Just telling him you'd like to keep in touch is enough. Then you have to follow through with it.

    Don't wait until the last minute when you're walking out the door. That's about five seconds of hesitation away from regret. You have two weeks, don't wait.

    • So.. dont say it last day?

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  • Now or never is your chance. Take it or leave it, but if you're really wondering, I'd take it.

    • How would i go about that in a working environment?

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    • No problem. Good luck!

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  • you like him, yet you don't even have his contact info? how do you know you like him then

    • So i need his contact info to be able to know that i like him? Where did your logic come from?

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    • im done arguing this with you

    • Maybe I don't like him
      Make sense why I moved on quickly when we stopped seeing each other

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  • Not desperate, especially if he likes u too. Tell him you're leaving a job, it was nice to talk to him, maybe u could meet sometime, would be nice to talk again

    • I hope so, you know how guys are narrow minded sometimes.
      I guess if i like him desperate shouldn't be my excuse to not tell him

    • I know but talking to him will be good and if you say what I wrote it will sound normal and there's nothing desperate about it. Right :)