Is this girl throwing hints or am I just a desperate thirsty weirdo?

Well I am a desperate thirsty wierdo so nvm! Question answered! J/K please keep reading >.<

I never talked to this girl in my uni class. We were doing some sort of haphazard group activities outside. We had to line up to play with some objects, move shit around. We were told to line up and she lined up next to me. The weird part was as we were doing our activities, our hands touched by accident. Then again, and again, and again. So I kept my hands perfectly still, and she's looking away at the activity, and over, and over, and over she moves her hand back far enough to touch my hand. And we really didn't need to be moving that much that our hands are touching like that! And I'm standing there like "there's no way this girl is doing this on purpose."

So later, we all have to sit on some benches, I'm last to sit and the only space is next to her, where she has plenty of space with 1 other girl who is her friend. I squeeze in next to her and she barely moves. Between her and her friend seems to be plenty of space (I'm tall so I could see the bench seat between them with a few inches of space). Our legs and arms are pressed together and she doesn't move an inch. At this point I haven't gotten a chance to talk to her still. Did I mention she's stunningly beautiful? Like indescribably so, so you can imagine my hesitation. Later on, we finally have some time to talk amongst eachother. I'm just admiring the scenery of the area and she is near me doing the same, not talking to her friends or anything. So I start talking to her, she smiles and stares into my eyes. She laughed at everything I said. We only talked for a couple minutes before my beauty addled brain uncharacteristically ran out of things to say to her. So we kinda stood in silence watching our nature surroundings for a bit before everyone was ushered off again to wrap up the days activities.

That's it, sorry if you read this awful mass of words. Thanks in advance for any responses!


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  • I'd say she likes you or is at least interested in some way


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