We hung out once... what does these texts mean?

We hung out once.... what does these texts mean?

Ok so I hung out with this guy at his house a month ago and we talked and he ended up giving me a massage. There was definitely chemistry.

He texted me two days later and wanted to hang out again right away but I told him I couldn't even though I wanted to. I felt like he might just want to hook up which I'm not cool with.

Well fast forward to recently... we keep in touch on Facebook a little and we've texted only a few times since that time we hung out. Last week he said he wanted to hang out with me but then I never heard from him. So tonight this is what I sent him and this is what he wrote (in the pic). I have no idea what to write back and how I should feel now about him.

Do you think I should delete him as friend on fb and just forget about him? If he was interested he couldn't be that busy right?

I meant to write what do these texts mean*
I failed to mention that we both have kids and really are very busy..


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  • So you're not he only thing in his life. You put him off at first because he was moving to fast, then when he slows down you don't like it either. No one can tell you how you should feel about a guy, only you can decide that. People do get busy and have things that take up part of their lives, you are not all that exists in their universe. If you like this guy then give him the time he is asking for and stop trying to figure out what he is trying to do. Just enjoy being with him when you can be and if he's not good then move on

  • Lolz. If he were serious, he'd have made it happen.

    • That's exactly what I'm thinking... he did try to make it happen a few times before this and that's why I'm confused

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  • He probably really is busy if he's the go-getter entrepreneur type but he should at least try to work with you. I wouldn't burn the bridge just yet since you told him where you stand right now. The ball is in his court so give him a little more time to make a move.

    Rather you should just not hold your breath waiting for him and look elsewhere. Don't seek him out or even initiate conversation with him. He knows how to find you. If he doesn't make plans with you within 48 hours, delete him.