My life sucks, What can I do?

My life really sucks, I don't know what to do... Here is why it sucks:

1. I fell in love with a girl, but I don't know what happened... She misled me? I misread things? Things are really awkward between us... but I really love her, and I stopped talking to her because she had a boyfriend... but they are broken up now and it hurts when I see her because I think she doesn't want me because I screwed things up so much :(

2. I am 24, I thought I would have gone to university, got a degree in something and been kicking but in my chosen field... I would want to strive to move up and be the best at what I do... But that didn't happen for me... If I started getting a degree now I will be 28 before I get it :( I really wanted to do well young. Instead I went into a construction job out of high school, I have the experience now so I get paid really well, but I hate what I do... but it doesn't seem worth it to go back to school for a lower paying job.

3. Relating to number two, I never had the University Experience, mingling with people of my age, having fun, having lot's of casual sex, joining clubs and sports, all the good stuff.

4. I seem to be stuck in a very dysfunctional family, I am supporting people who should be supporting themselves but they can't get it together... so I have to take care of the mortgage, and am responsible for the house... So yeah I own a house at 24, but it sucks I could have been living downtown in a nice apartment and dating and hooking up with girls :(

5. I am just stuck, my job pays well... I have money, house, cars... and the purpose of work is to make money... and I feel like it's going to be very costly to go to school and then work my way back up... I won't ever get away from my family... I won't ever love another girl again...

Any advice? What can I do? :(


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  • If you want to go to school, go to school.
    If you want to break yourself from dependant relationships, do so. (unless these are your children, in which you would be responsible to nurture and care for them.)
    You want to talk with the girl you love, try.
    Don't limit yourself if you feel you have passion elsewhere, in any aspect, because it is your life.

    • I guess my passion is being crushed by reality... I had higher expectations in life, maybe it was unrealistic to have them...

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  • Cry and give up

    • More or less what I am doing... Waiting for retirement now...

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    • I respect you for that. That's something I couldn't do. You should be proud. People have a lot less and a lot more problems and they still manage to enjoy life's moments

    • One thing I can say is money does not by happiness...

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