Were you good in bed at your first time?

I am 100000% sure I am good in bed and my husband whoever he will be will be surprised that I am a virgin. I am very energetic
So I am definetly not dead fish. I can't just lay there. Lol
I am not worried about pain as I know if a woman is aroused she won't feel pain.
And I am sure I am good at kissing. So yes I have nothing to learn as I know everything about sex

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  • For us guys, especially, there is a lot to learn so no.


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  • I used to be an escort so technically a professional.
    I can give anyone a good time and they will want to see me again.

    But I wouldn't say I am good in bed because it's so much about compatibility.

    I probably wasn't that good the first time cause we weren't in tune.
    It takes two to make MINDBLOWING sex.

    What one man loves.. the next man could hate.

    • What one man loves.. the next man could hate."

      I agree. That is why having many sexual partners doesn't mean knowing your new partner's needs

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  • Really? I met a girl who bragged about how good she was in bet once. She ended up being the worst lay ever.

    • That is usually the case - girls who boast are usually bad roots!

    • Then she lied to you. But I am serious. I am not lying

    • Oh she lied. She definitely lied.

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  • Lmao you gonna be a dead fish.

  • it is entirely impossible to know you will be good at something if you have never done it

    • Of course I know. I understand what I can do

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    • I know what turns me on

    • good for you but thats completely irrelevant

  • yeah i was pretty good. i didn't cummed for like two hours straight and i said to her that i was sorry
    she glanced at me and said "Fuck, You're sitll hard? we're gonna fuck again. AND AGAIN. no need to say you're sorry"

  • I hope so. Probably I'll be... okay.

  • guys get better with experience

    • Yes. It is easier for women to know how to go up and down lol and how to deepthroat. But guys need to know how not to ejaculate early. Etc

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    • Yes I can teach. Although I am a virgin 😜

    • hahaha.. pm me if you wish

  • Don't think I was too bad or too great. First time I kissed though she said I was a great kisser


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  • I'm pretty certain I wasn't. I mean I didn't dead fish, but I wasn't focused on being good, I was focused on I love you, lets share this. It was probably the most romantic sex I've had if that makes any sense.

    • Wow. Beautiful

    • It was. The moon was lighting up that southern sky... thousands of stars around... you could see for miles in any direction... there was a symphony of all of the earths creatures playing... and I kept singing in my head "she had a need to feel the thunder, to chase the lightning from the sky, to watch the storm with all its wonder, raging in her lovers eyes"... but I'm sure you know that already
      Aphrodite 😉

  • You know nothing about sex in practice. Only in theory. Ideas don't compare to reality. I can read everything there is to know about painting but I'm not a good painter if I never held a brush.

    The same goes for sex. Part of it is natural to us as animals. But we do get better with time. There are things your body needs time to learn through practice.

    You don't know what you don't know

    • Painting is a talent. Dont compare it to sex. Sex is like eating. It is not a talent

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    • "You don't know what a guys body does when you touch it or what it likes yet"
      As if sleeping with guys make you ynderstand what a guy likes. What lne guy like another guy may dislike

    • Actually talent is a bit of both. There's natural inclination but unless you develop it that won't take you very far.

      Anyway I don't need to argue this with you. Your confidence can't hurt in the end. The better you think it'll be the better it'll be.. even if it's not as good as you think