If you came across my profile on a dating site (based on picture only) would you reply to me? Why or why not?

Reason I ask is because I've tried several dating sites throughout the years on and off from casual sites such as Tinder to more serious sites like OKcupid and many random apps on my phone. I think I average about 1 reply out of every 30 messages. On Tinder I'll swipe right on all 50 girls every 12 hours and get 1 match every 4 days (if I'm lucky). Of all the matches (or replies) I get on these sites, about 80% of the time they are either very very unattractive girls and/or have like 2-3 kids and/or they are fake accounts/spam bots. Not to mention, the overwhelming majority of the girls that I send messages to won't even view my profile at all before deciding to ignore me.

Am I just super ugly or are girls only replying to guys who are 11/10? I understand you girls get a lot of attention but on sites like Tinder it just shocks me how I get virtually no matches, even though I swipe everyone right. Am I really that far down on the list of people that you'd want to talk to? I've tried several different pictures from smiling, to casual looks to body shots, overhead views, side views, pics of me with other people, doesn't matter. My guy friends are always confused when I tell them this too. I even follow their guidance on my profiles (because they are successful) and nothing works. I've taken advice from girls as well. No luck. All of just makes me feel like I'm worthless to any girl out there. Don't coach me on "looking for girls in person" though because for 1.) That's not my question, I just simply want to know if you'd reply to me on a dating site and why. 2.) I don't have success in person either. In person the reason is almost always friendzone. .

To make matters worse 99% of the time I'm rejected it's followed up with a statement such as (You are so handsome! And you are so kind and mature, and smart. You'll find a perfect girl some day!) If all that were true then I don't understand why I'm struggling. Lastly... please don't tell me "stop trying so hard" or "stop rushing" because that's bull too. I didn't even have my first kiss or girlfriend until I was 23 despite the fact that I always went after girls I liked


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  • Possibly if I actually used dating site but not likely since I like to know something about people

    • Yea but they usually don't bother replying or looking at my profile at all.

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    • That will teach me to try and be funny πŸ˜ƒ

    • Sorry, didn't realize you were joking... but anyway I'm just trying to say, as a girl, you don't have to chase guys. I see several girls complain about how "nobody likes them" but they say "but I"m too shy to ask a guy out." Well welcome to my world, I'm shy too!! But I have to just suck it up and approach girls because they'll never approach me. Even when I do get super bold and approach them, I still get rejected 99% of the time. Or she clearly just talks to me out of pity though she obviously lacks interest.

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  • yes, you look like a good person but take a better quality picture next time.. read article below ,

    How to Take the Perfect Profile Picture
    https://www. laptopmag. com/articles/how-to-take-the-perfect-profile-picture