I met a woman who gave me her number but I texted her a week later so she got upset and started avoiding me. What do you think?

I met a woman at my job who gave me a lot of signals that she liked me.
She even called me at her office and asked me if she was contacting me so much.
We had a conversation and she ended up giving me her personal number asking to call me without me asking for her number with a smiley face emoji.
I ended up texting a week later and she asked me If I needed something and I got no response from her after that.

We didn't speak to each other for 2 months after that and she started avoiding me putting her head down with her hand over her head.

Few weeks later, she stepped out and started starting at me.

I felt very bad but after 2 months, I actually sent her a email and she was responded within one minute with Thanks! and she actually smiled at me and said Hi when I stopped by.

What do you think of this situation?
Who was at fault? Her or I?
Do I really deserve that treatment?
Should I still trust her?


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  • Honestly, I don't think she is interested in you.


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  • She was probably thought you didn't like her as you waited a whole week to text her. Yes you deserved the treatment and it wasn't all that bad so grow a pair. I don't see how you can't trust her, what did she do to make you not.

    • How do you think she feels now?

  • She's a bitch who is use to guys falling head over heels for her but you took a long time and she got insecure about it. So she either thinks your a player or she thinks your an alpha and now she's testing you to see if you will break frame.

    • Why is she testing me?

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