The secret to a long, and happy relationship?

What do you think the secret is? :)

I think part of it is by chance - that by chance you found someone with similar interests, and someone that matches your personality well!

There also needs to be effort from both sides, a willingness to cooperate and understand. Maybe see things from new perspectives.

For me, one of the most imortant things is equality. I want to split everything 50/50 - I never want him to pay for a meal on his own if we are together, etc.

A certain level of maturity, and respect for yourself (self esteem) helps too. :)


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  • I think constant effort and communication, a lot of people think relationships should be effortless and things should always be okay and come together this isn't always the case you have to constantly be working on your relationship both of you, once one person stops then it all goes down from there. Financially, in relationships can be a problem where one person may be too persistent in being the bread winner or treater etc. But its mindful to not insult someone when theyre trying to do something nice.


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  • Mutual love, honesty, trust, commonalities, respect, kindness, patience, sense of humor


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  • Always considering each other's feelings, needs and wants.




    Resolving issues together , as a couple, if things can't be resolved then a compromise should be reached

    To always make each other feel loved and wanted

  • Wanting to make it work. At some point the love may fade. You need to be willing to make things work and live your life together with another person, even after the love has faded. And then as a bonus, relighting that spark from the beginning once in a while.