What do you do when your negatives cancels out your positives?

Why the hell do you do when your negatives cancel out the positives

I'm very funny and I heard women like a guy with a good sense of humor inalso heard that deep voices can make them melt but I look like a caveman I'm not at all attractive

Thanks again


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  • First of all you should stop thinking that your negatives cancel out your positives. That isn't true. Everyone was their flaws and brokeness, part of being attractive is owning that and still knowing that you are worthy of love. Secondly, Have you considered trying to increase your attractiveness? Like having your clothes tailored professionally or used a stylist at a department store to help you pick out stuff? Or whatever it is that you think isn't attractive about yourself? And I'm not saying this for any reason other than if YOU feel more attractive and confident because you have put effort into these areas then women will be more attracted to you as well. There are plenty of women out there that would love a man with a sense of humor who is sweet and treats them well over someone that is physically attractive and a bore. You'll find someone :)

    • https://imgur.com/IqFsHz3 Like I said my other bright spots really stand out but my looks have held me back

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    • So how come when I went to a vocational school job corp to be specific everyone said I looked like the geico caveman

    • Because some people are mean. And just because one person or one group of people says that doesn't mean it's true.

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  • You get rid of as much negatives as possible.

    • I look like a caveman I can't change that