He Likes me and Another girl at the same time. Forget him?

I started talking to this guy on the phone, at first we just texted each other everyday for almost a month, we realised we had a lot in common and that we enjoyed talking to one another. I started to notice however that their was a girl who commented and liked everything he posted online but he never replied to any of them and so I asked him about it. He told me that he went out with her a couple of times and that she likes him and he likes her too but he really really likes talking to me and he likes me a lot also. I decided then that maybe I should let go off him but he apologised a lot and told me he wanted to gain back my trust a little and so i decided to give him another chance, we made a decision that if we had a connection when we met he would have to make a decision, because I wasn't going to keep seeing a guy who was seeing another girl at the same time. We talked on the phone every night after that, about 3 weeks later I planned a day for us at the movies and we had a really nice time, he took a day off from work just to meet me, we even had a nice kiss, I thought he had made a decision then and he would stop seeing this other girl but I was wrong, my friends saw him walking with her and messaged me the same time, the funny thing is he was massaging me the whole time he was with her and when I asked what he was doing he said he was with his brother, as soon as he saw my friends he called his brother and walked separate ways from the girl, when I asked him what relationship he still has with her he told me that he did like her and they still go out sometimes and so I told him it was over and he called back and said he wants to sort out everything, he told me that meeting me meant a lot to him and I make him really happy and he dont know what to do. He asked me what I wanted and what my heart told me to do. Then he said he put me through a lot and if I wanted to put a hold on us until he figured out himself or if i wanted to end things for good.
Forget him?

I should probably add that we did agree after the date that we were not to see anyone else. I should have realised he didn't sound so sure when we agreed on that.
And he did say hi to my friends and told them he was with his brother.


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  • You knew what you was getting into from the start. You two are not exclusive so you can't put any blame on him for that. But! when he walked away from your friends and separated from the girl he showed that he's favored her and didn't want you to find out.

    • Kinda lame that instead of responding to me you just update the question. Your question was already on skid row before I answered it..

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    • The updating thing rarely works. The best way to get answers on here is to like opinions that are given and send a follow. More people will remember you. by the way I think it's a good idea to put a hold on things between you and him for now.

    • Thank you :)
      I will do that.

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  • I wouldn't waste my time with him. She can have him. would want to be the only woman the guy has a crush on.