How can I know if am just a rebound for a girl?


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  • How long has it been since she broke up with her ex?


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  • They just got out of a relationship (especially a very long one), they act hot and cold/wishy washy, they bring up their ex whether it's complaining, missing, or comparing you to their ex. They either move very fast or super slow.

    I was rebounded most recently and it sucks, especially since we had a ton in common and got along fine.

    If you're in a rebound situation, be cautious. Trust me. Best analogy with rebounded sits like playing with fire. It can be fun and exciting at first but if you're not careful, you'll get burned.

    • Sounds almost the same as what's going on, but I asked her what she wants she said she wants to take things slow and is always hot and cold

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    • You're welcome. And honestly everyone on the rebound is gonna act different but you should still be cautious and some traits may be common with many people on the rebound.

    • Thanks for most helpful guy. Still talking to her?

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  • did they recently break up with someone or rejected by someone they liked? is there any reason to suspect your the rebound?

    • Broke up with boyfriend 5 months ago

    • tough to say not that recent but still somewhat recent , was it a serious relationship longer than a year or so? or shorter length

  • Pay attention to her behavior! If she talks about the guy a lot, then you have your answer...