What are some dos and don'ts for a first date with a guy you really like and want to keep around?

Been out of the dating scene for awhile and could use some tips.


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  • Be an active participant in the conversation.

    Be fun and energetic.

    Leave your phone in your purse.

    Don't talk about exes.

    Don't talk about the long term.

    Be positive! Don't come across as a complainer.

    Be physical! It doesn't have to be much, but a touch and a goodnight kiss will confirm your interest.


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  • Do:
    Leave your phone in your purse/pocket and be an active listener.

    Yes ladies, the bar is that low now...

  • Break touch barrier
    Show interest
    Don't talk just about yourself
    Leave your work at work
    Don't touch your phone

  • Be yourself on your best behavior?

    Don't laugh at his jokes in an exaggerated manner. It's patronizing.

    Ask him about himself and take some (but not all) responsibility for keeping the conversation going.

    Don't sleep with him. (I don't mean to imply anything about you. Just saying it's not effective for keeping him around.)

    Offer to pay your half but let him pay if he wants to. (Next one's on you.)

    Don't show him any parlor tricks like drinking milk through a straw that's up your nose. (You've got to save *something* for the 2nd date!) Also hold off on telling him stuff like how much you like chewing tobacco, for example.

    • Lol. Darn no parlor tricks. Thanks for the advice. :-)

    • I'm here to help!

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  • **Don't**
    •No kissing
    •No holding of hands

    •Make me feel special
    •Smile at me
    • Make me laugh (Which is pretty easy actually... lol)

    Well, that is it. 😊

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