Do you yhink I scared him off by mentioning commitment?

I met a guy on Tinder in another country (we are both European) while I was on business, we met for drinks, the same night he came back to my hotel & we had sex. It's not something I would usually do & I instantly regretted it expecting never to see him again. However, the next morning he text saying he really liked me & would like to take me to dinner that night. So we went out again.

A few weeks later I was back on business so we met up again and had a great time. I then visited him for a few days vacation and at this time he deleted his Tinder account saying that he no longer needed it and that he hadn't used it since we met (he showed me the messages and the last he sent was on the day after we first met) That day he also introduced me to one of his friends as his girlfriend.

We met a few more times over the period of 4 months but the last time we saw each other we got into an argument over something silly which ended with me walking home without him. He messaged me the following day saying he was sorry he regretted the night before and he wasn't himself as he had a lot of pressure from work etc.

Things were not right for the week after that and I sent him a message saying that I didn't feel he wanted commitment from me so I think it's best I move on. He replied later saying he needed to talk to me on the phone so I said he could call at that time but he said no he was busy. Which annoyed me because why say you want to talk?

He then ignored my messages the next day then sent a really blunt message 3 days later saying that he had been busy and he really likes me but the distance is putting too much between us. I didn't know what to say so I said ok take care then. I was upset that he didn't even say anything back and that was the last communication we had.

Did I scare him off by talking about commitment? If he didn't want to commit why did he delete Tinder, refer to me as his girlfriend and talk about future plans?


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  • He changed his mind/found another opportunity.


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  • You didn't scare him off. He changed his mind

  • the make up was poor

    • What make up

    • relationship amendment

    • English is not my first language and the way 'relationship amendment' translates has nothing to do with my question

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