Is my boyfriend done with me?

during early stages of dating, he'll always tell me how much he loves me and stuff. and he's really clingy (in the cute way tho). like he always asks me out and whenever im in school for long hours without texting him, he'll text me on an hourly basis sweet texts like "where are you :'( i miss you <3" and when i open them i feel REALLY loved and happy. and when i accidentally fall asleep without texting him, I'll wake up with a lot of texts from him like "where did you go :(" and "i miss you". he also replies really quickly (less than an hour). however these days i feel like he loves me less and has became distant. these days he has also been chatting with this girl online. he has been taking around 2 hours to reply my each text and when he does, he doesn't show much love or affection. i dont receive texts from him when i return from school anymore. and the other day he was taking hours to reply me because he was talking to the same girl. so i got pissed and went to sleep without telling him. and to my surpirse, i woke up with no messages from him. it has only been arnd 3 weeks since we started dating. a few days ago i sent him "happy 20 mins to threeweekvesary <3" 20 mins before the date and he merely replied "HAHAHAHA" and talked about other stuff. he still tells me he loves me just that he seems cold and distant. and doesn't text me frequently when im busy anymore. i used to return after being busy with lots of text from him saying how much he misses me. what does this mean? he used to tell me "i can never get enough of you" but now has he gotten enough of me? is he tired and bored of me and hence is trying to hit up someone else? he's so distant these days that i think he's going to break up with me. i love him so much. i dont want to lose him. please help :(


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  • It's a tough thing to suss out but it seems like it could be on his mind or he could be having some issues he's frightened to talk you about it. I'm not suggercoating anything but I've been in your position before and I was unprepared for the breakup. So the best advice I can give you is to prepare for the break up but if it doesn't happen there's nothing to be worried about! he's possibly stressed out or worried about something.


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  • The only thing I can say is let him have his space because trying yo talkto him about it won't work. Believe me I tried on my last relationship and we broke up.

    • yeah I've talked to him about it but he just brushed it off. but why do you think he's becoming like this?

    • Honestly, I couldn't really tell you. My ex treated me the same way and always told me it was just the way he was. So i am in the dark as much as you.

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  • It could mean he feels like he is invested more than you in the relationship. Its a horrible feeling, but if you are not giving back the attention that he is giving you, he will get tired of trying.

    He might be talking to this other girl because she doesn't make him feel that way.

    You need to start text as often as he does. If he is sending you 20 text a day and you aren't

    Ask yourself, how often do you start a text, how do you reply, are you giving short answers, are you taking a long time to reply?

    You will get what you give.

    • i text him a lot when he is busy as well. and i text back equally long messages, showing a lot of love and affection. i dont think the problem is with me.

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    • i told him i dont feel like you love me anymore. and he just replied "i do love you, so so much". nothing's going to change, i still feel unloved. what do i do?

    • Feeling loved means you try to recognize when how someone shows love but also receiving love in the say you feel love.

      You need to look for how he is trying to show you love, BUT he also needs to show you love the way you feel love. And that works both ways.

      Have him talk to you about how he shows love to you and ask him to also show love in the ways that you feel loved.

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