Do I have a right to be annoyed?

Okay so me and my ex (a year since we broke up and we were together for 5 years), were trying to plan a date. Now he suggested that we go to the london eye. But the thing is, I know that this was his go to first date with all the girls he dated while we were apart. I get the feeling he's being dismissive towards me and not really putting in much effort.

Am I wrong to be annoyed that he's simply going through the motions and can't even be bothered to plan a date that I would enjoy?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Dump him. Getting back with an ex is almost always the wrong thing to do, but if he has stopped trying already you are in for a world of heartache.

    If he wanted you and wanted to show you that things have changed, he would be making a BIG effort to show you that.

  • i think you going back to an ex, is stupid. LIFE DOES NOT MOVE BACKWARDS. HE'S AN EX. FIND SOMEONE NEW


What Girls Said 1

  • You split up with this guy for a good reason right? And now you are annoyed at something he's doing before you're even properly back together with him. Do these sound like good signs that this relationship is gonna work out to you? Why waste both your times.

    He probably feels the same, that it isn't gonna work out anyway so why make an extra special effort for you. Hense the usual date location he has put no thought into.

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