He said he needs space?

So I met this guy over a month ago. We went on a date, and he started liking me and wanted to see me again. It happened, and we basically started dating and hanging out. He would call me randomly at nights for a chat, or text and send me Snaps constantly.

2 weeks ago, I went to Spain for a holiday, and he called me everynight. I basically stayed up amd waited for him to call, because I promised him. He kept saying he missed me.

I came home a week ago. He had some tough nights at work, and were frustrated on phone, and were to tired to come over. The end of the week, I didn't hear from him, so I went in panic. I was stupid enough to contact his family and some of our friends. It ended up with him getting dissapointed of me. He also said our relationship went to fast, and he doesn't wanna lose me, and wanna take it slow. I left him alone a couple days. But we started texting again.
The other day, he texted me that his collagues have spoke to our friends about me being worried. He got mad because he didn't want his collagues to know about us yet. Since then, we have been sent sad texts to each other. I couldnt handle it anymore, so ended up saying "Goodbye and take care of yourself <3". He replied with ":(". And then I said he should stop hurting me. And he said I didn't give him enough space. Ever since, I haven't sent him texts or anything.

Earlier today, he Liked one of my FB post about happiness. And 2hrs later he unliked. I don't know why.

My question is, what is going on, on his mind? I actually thinking I've been dumped without him telling me. I've also notice he gains a lot points on Snapchat, which make me think he is seeing someone else..



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  • Forget about him. If he is "ready" to let his friends/family/co-workers know about you he does care or there is something he doesn't want you to find out.

    If he liked you he would tell everyone.

    Walk away and don't look back

    • He has only told his mum that he have met me. I was just not fan of me contacting her. And she replied my messages like she already knew me.

    • My mom always acts like she knows girls or that I have been talking to her about them. She wants me to get married and doesn't want to blow my chances by saying something wrong

  • Suspected you cheated on him in Spain with Francisco



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  • I think something fishy is going on with him. Why the secrecy? Why don't his colleagues know about you?
    I'd probably give up on this relationship if I were you.