Does he already think of me as his girlfriend?

Me and this guy have been dating for about 3 weeks, but haven't had the talk about being exclusive. I know I'm crazy about him and he seems to feel the same way about me (plus he's been inviting me to stuff several months away)

The other day I was messing around cause some guy asked if he could buy me a drink (not knowing I was with somebody) and I teasingly said that maybe I'd let him. I could tell the guy I was seeing got kind of hurt/irritated, but he pretended like it was funny. Then he asked me why though, because he'd "never think of doing that to me".

Does it sound like he already considers me his girlfriend? And if so, is it necessary to establish that title?


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  • Well if a guy goes and asks you why then he most likely does not consider you a true girlfriend this is the same reason me and my ex broke up it was because he just thought of me as a really good friend that he could talk to and probably get something out of it so I would confront him and ask him if he's ready to be exclusive and see what if he says and if he says no not right now then he just consideres you a close friend.