How do you deal with the fact that your crush has a boyfriend?

I was like 90% sure this girl liked me.
She said I was nice, and smart.
I asked if she was going to homecoming. She said she wasn't. (Even if I asked her she couldn't now because they stopped selling tickets.)
I told her I would have asked her to homecoming. She said, "Aw, you're so sweet."
I said, "Well, hypothetically, will you go to homecoming with me?" She said, "Yeah, sure!"
The next day she was home sick from school. I sent her a snapchat telling her I hope she feels better. She sends me a rather... Revealing picture of her... Chest area, (no nipples) with the caption, "Aw, thanks!"
You would think she likes me, right? Now I found out from Facebook that she is "in a relationship," confirming rumors I heard today. How do I deal with that?
I'm 15, I've been rejected every single time I ask a girl out, and I feel like I'll be alone forever. I know that's not true, but that's how it feels right now.

And don't say, "Come on man! You're 15! It doesn't matter!" Well, it may not seem like that, but I really, REALLY liked all the girls I've asked out and am super crushed every time I get my hopes up and it ends up not happening. And it matters a whole lot to me.


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  • 1) I completely understand this.
    2) She was leading you on, so you definitely don't need her anyways!
    3) I've been in your spot before. I've been dumped multiple times in the harshest ways. I went through a period of time when I was 17 when I thought I was doomed to be alone. I was crushed, I was depressed, I thought there was nobody in the world who would ever truly love me. So I know how you feel. I stopped getting my hopes up. When guys would talk to me I would talk with them but I wouldn't get my hopes up. I always let things happen naturally but prepared myself for the worst.
    4) Prepare yourself for the rejection. When you like a girl, ask her out. But be prepared for her to reject you. When a girl comes along that doesn't reject you, it will make you even more happy than it would if you expected her to say yes!!!
    5) Just so you know, I'm married with a baby now! So even though I went through all of that, it turned out for me and it will for you too 😊


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  • lol story of my life, hot girl shows lots of interest in me, checks me out and flirts from a far, the moment i attempt to make a move i find out she's taken, honestly I don't know why girls do it, it just makes guys hate them.


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  • doesn't mean she doesn't like you. she might be more than ready to breakup with him or even cheat


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  • Yeah... find new crush or wait it out.

  • "She said I was nice"