Should I make a move?

Sorry for the lack of punctuation
I have become very close with this girl over the last month or so i have always had a suspicious that she liked me but i never did anything about it because she dates a lot of guys and i kind of have low self esteem but as i've been hanging out with her more i have started to notice a lot of signs she is always complimenting me buying me things laughing at everything i say asking me a lot of questions about my family and life and she has started texting me more which she never did before there are two many things to list but i feel like we've been moving closer to dating we have a connection that i know she is aware of but everytime i think something is going to happen she kind of backs off i know she has been hurt by a past relationship and a lot of guys use her i've had platonic female friends in the past but none of them act the way she does around me she is very close with my family she added my sister on facebook and is always asking to meet her i asked her if she wanted to go to new jersey with me to visit her for a weekend and she said yes but now today when we were going out she mentioned someone from her past asked her for drinks on Friday and it just seemed like she brought it up out of nowhere i know she is single and she can do what she wants but i felt very hurt i think i'm falling pretty hard for her and i dont know what to do about it we are going to a Halloween party next month and i'm thinking about making a move but i dont want to lose her if she rejects my advances she is too important to me what should i do


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  • Just ask her bluntly if she is interested in you? Tell her you are clueless so you just need to ask. I had a guy friend who was super flirty. He was always hugging and kissing me on the lips. I started to like him thinking for sure he liked me too. So i told him but he wasn't interested after all. But I felt better anyway otherwise I would still be hung up on him never knowing.

  • Instead of saying sorry for the lack of punctuation, just use 'em.

    It's be easier for all of us, hopefully.


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